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These are just two types of businesses Mathew wants to see open and flourish in Crewe and he has plans to help make it happen






 Matthew W. Queensberry, 24 years Old
  I have  lived in Crewe my entire life. Graduated from Nottoway High school went to Hampden Sydney and joined the Virginia Army National Guard  also take classes at SVCC.

  I've decided to run for Mayor because I've watched things in this town for many years and watched it decline tremendously.

 I've watched as tax payers dollars have been ill used and that there seems to be no long term picture in place for Crewe.

 Rather than sitting around and  pointing things out and complaining
 I am standing up and  doing something about it personally.
Being part of helping find and implement the Solutions

 I have decided to run for Mayor because I care about this town and realize that while many of the actions taken in the past have worked some you need to have a more insightful look ot what reality is now and how to take advantage of that

  I want to see it do better and I know that it has the potential to be much more than what it is, it just needs the proper leadership and I intend to bring that to the table.  

Some of the accomplishments I would like to make
 Help to make Crewe a more new and existing business friendly Climate

  Provide incentives to  grow and bring new businesses to the Crewe Burkeville Area 

This brings the town more taxable income  as well as providing  employment opportunities , resources, and amenities  to citizens living here.

  Working with business ,organizations and caring citizens around  Nottoway  as    to out grants improving the visual image of Crewe  so that it is more it is a draw to  people that drive through town along 460 enticing them to slow down and look at  the Downtown as a place to Dine pick up a a Gift or needed item at the Hardware  and maybe open a new business becoming part of the Crewe and Nottoway Family.

  Work to bring  the community element back to Crewe by organizing more frequent local events with organizations that will encourage and promote more daily activities and revenue in the town .
 Set up more events and working more with the assets here like Hopper Park, The Museum, Airport and Golf Country Clubgive the towns people and also attracting new residents plenty of  opportunities to getting  out, getting involved and enjoying nice weather with friends and family.  

 Bringing a new era of  Communication, Accountability, and Efficiency  to the Town and employees  to find the best and most efficient ways to accomplish business and achieve growth.
This is  not necessarily  the way its always been done in the past as many factors have changed but new opportunities have arisen. 
We will be on top and always be open to finding the best ways that work for the most people

There is no better way to accomplish this then utilizing  the Internet and we can even feature meetings and discussions in real time to give the most amount of people opportunity to really be a part of our dynamic plans and actions to make the Crewe area one of the most desirable for living and business in the Southside.

I will help to implement ideas that we will save money and make available employees so that they will be more efficient and have more input and  may be tasked out to other jobs increasing productivity and morale.
 I want to implement a new Customer Service policy for the Town Employees  they  that they work for the people of Crewe  not  just for  there Supervisor.

This is a brief overview that my insightful youth but more inclusive and modern methodologies that wants to be a valuable part of the Team.

We will help make and  see Crewe become the Junction as it has been in the past for Great Opportunities for Residents New Old  and Future.



Dine N Crewe has fixed up the back room as wonderful area for your next meeting event or party

Mathew has been very impressed with the great way that the Stinsons have brought new life into this Community Center for many events drawing visitors from all over the area 


 Empty Spaces below and all above on this street.
 Mathew wants to help show new approaches to bringing in more diverse vibrant business and as well create live work opportunities in the above floors
On Right  Matt tells me about a great project that the Town Council did in conjunction with Art Students to show case there talents

On Left  Matt works with long time News Reporter  Bill Mason and Writer at WSVS on recording some of his Positively Crewe Campaign Message at the WSVS Studios