Welcome to a visit to Diamond Hill ,  a wonderful Inn from 1820 located in Historic Charlotte Courthouse Virginia.          Owners Veliie and Harry Allen Hall Hall have an oasis for you to stay or dine.  Diamond Hill features a Pub, Boutique with Specialty Gifts both local and other areas, A rustic Style Meeting House with a Private Ceremonial Garden.        We were able to visit on Saturday afternoon and take some pictures and learn more from Veliie Dietrich Hall in a fun impromptu setting. You will feel like your here! so enjoy and plan your visit soon below !!!  



You can see from the above and below pictures and slide shows

 the versatile and stylish selections that Vielle  sells and also designs at the boutique.

We have an informal guided walk below

through the Boutique. A more formal tour with some of Guest Suites
can be seen on  left side with Vellie .

Some shots of the Retreat and Vielle Boutique

Camera Shy ?

We want our Best Side.


Not so Shy After All
and some more video of the Shop












Where Southside Virginia
meets The Far East



Vellie is always baking delights as well the beverages for young and old are always flowing making shopping here a fun and filling experience.

Check yourself anytime in the numerous mirrors throughout the Boutique and Inn as you VK Director Ozzie did lol 

We look ford to your Visit Stay and don't forget to ask about all of our Banquet, Wedding, Meeting and other Occasions you might want to  celebrate here


I am being shown
A nice alcove area right down from the Bedroom.
Boy Victoria Couch looks comfortable.


The Hall Areas have very picturesque scenes that show about The Civil War.

Diamond Hill Inn is a great place for your Stay or Event Anytime

 but especially for those going to nearby Appomattox and the Sesquicentennial of the War Between The States ending reenactments and ceremonies

See why

loves to tell everyone about us